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Fatherhood in 2011 – A trend report

Ok, so we’ve started seeing a lot of charts and stats about “Top things of 2010” and some trending and forecasting for 2011. And although I’m a bit late to the table, here’s my take on Fatherhood in 2011 and what we can expect:

Fathers will be more open to dressing their sons, the boys, their little men in, wait for it, pink
Maybe not pink pink, but definitely a shade of pink and maybe THIS pink that PANTONE just claimed as colour of the year for 2011. Plus, we need to get over this thing about dressing girls in pink and boys in blue (or anything NOT pink). Get over it. Do I dress my little girl in blue, black, green and yellow along with pink? Absolutely. Why can’t we see more boys dressed in pink? I think that’s going to change in 2011.

More man bags
Dudes. You have stuff. I know you do. And you need to put your stuff in places other than your skinny jeans pockets or your jacket or in your hand. Plus no dad wants to have to empty their Hun’s own diaper bag when they head out to the mall or the gallery with their tot.

Get a bag. A nice bag. Like this one from Petunia Pickle Bottom that my Hun got for me a little while back from Babybot.com. Really, any decently compartmentalized bag will do. The key will be to get one you won’t cry over if it gets shit in it, rips or tears, or is used as a mop after your kid pukes in the isle of H&M.

More men in the kitchen
I love to cook. And I truly believe hangin in the kitchen with your family is a great way to spend an evening. Seriously. Enough with mom and tot in the kitchen while the guys plop their fat asses on the couch or hits the garage to tinker on the ‘Vette.

If you already love cooking, you’ll know what I mean here. But if you don’t, let me tell you something… learn to love cooking because it’s the next big thing. Three reasons: 1) the social and educational aspect that you gain and your children gain from being in the kitchen together, learning about each others day, learning about food and recipes, and having a blast putting it all together is invaluable. It’s a creative and great way to engage with the fam. 2) It’s healthy. I’m sure there’s studies out there that say home cooked meals more often are WAY healthier than eating out or cooking with frozen entrees and the microwave. Grab a few good, easy, “after work” style cookbooks like anything by Jamie Oliver and enjoy healthy eating. 3) Your Hun’s will LOVE you for it and will show it. Trust me.

“Car talk” will move from gas to electric
The Chevy Volt was named North American International Car of the Year. Crazy. And with the rise of eco-friendly autos hitting the road on a daily basis, car talk will be less about intake valves and more about watts and magnets. In particular, talk will raise around things like electric super-bikes, the Audi e-tron’s (which I know they’re gonna let me test drive) and, because it’s so sick, the Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid.

Less tucked in golf shirts
I just have a hunch.

Fathers will be more engaging, creative and interactive with their kids in 2011
The inspiration for this: Wandermonster.com. What we can learn from it, and will likely see more of in 2011, is that fathers will be more engaging, creative and interactive with their kids. Add in the availability of supreme technology like Apple’s iPad and we’ve got ourselves a winner. But let’s not rely on these technological heroin needles to get our daily fix of gaming and play. It’s more about allowing the freedom of creativity, exploration and engagement than pure stimulation. Like this article from Fastcodesign.com, by Principle Designer Laura Sargent Richardson of Frog Design, on the Four Secrets of Playtime that Foster Creative Kids says, “A playful mind thrives on ambiguity, complexity, and improvisation—the very things needed to innovate and come up with creative solutions to the massive global challenges in economics, the environment, education, and more.”(Go. Read it. Now.)

The fear here is that children today aren’t able to adapt to “creating play” on their own. They’re either overstimulated by a TV yelling in their faces, or plopped in front of an robot doing backflips for hours, both equally preventing the child to invent their own games, create their own imaginative worlds and, consequently, be enamored for hours on end with curiosity, wonder and play. So, now that you know more about the importance of play and creative engagement with your child I fully anticipate this to become a trend in 2011.

(you might have noticed that I’m a big believer in creativity and exploration and games, which is why you might see more on this topic in the future. For more on children, babies, creativity and play, check out this article from The99Percent.org, and Matthew Hiebert, a Calgary toy maker making a difference in how kids play with his invention, Twig)

Fathers will spend less on underwear and pants and more on shirts and socks
At least, they should.

Courtesy of my buddy Billy from Wisconsin (who’s got an awesome blog you should check out):
Fathers and babies will wear matching camo (especially in Wisconsin). More dads will be on the hunt for more dads like themselves with which they can relate to more things with. Dads will let their kids dress themselves more in 2011, later their kids will be labeled as hipsters and it will be OK to society. More fake mustaches on babies. (thanks Billy)

What are YOUR predictions for fatherhood trends in 2011? More facial hair, less body hair? Dads will eat more cake at birthday parties? Drink more gin? Lemme know about it and share this with a friend.


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