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His advice to his boy – “listen to Iron Maiden”: 5 Questions with Kenny Friedman, AKA @SmonkYou

I came across Kenny Friedman a little while ago whilst perusing the daddy and mommy Twitterati. His Twitter posts are full of humor and wit. His follower count makes mine look like a toddler was running the show (I assure you @getdaddysomegin is me. It is). And you can always count on great links from which to spend the rest of your non-productive day.

His Blog, smonkyou.com is a compendium of funny stories, weekly info-graphics, flawless photography, and wisdom only a truly experienced, generation-now-dad can offer. To me, Kenny is an inspiring young daddy dude who I’ve learned from on numerous occasions. Whether it’s how to write an Open Letter to get free shoes, why following the Montessori school of thinking is crucial to a child’s success, or why his kid sleeps on a bed on the floor, Kenny never ceases to offer great advice inextricably laced with many, many laughs.

5 Questions with Kenny:

What made you want to start your blog about being a dad — smonkyou.com?
I started because a friend suggested it because I have little to know filter and so the things I’d say to my wife early on in the pregnancy were funny, yet probably not the right thing to say. Stuff like 2 days after we found out I said she looked bloated. And a day or two later I said her nausea was psychosomatic.

Your Twitter stream has a huge following (your follow to following ratio is off the hizzle). What’s your secret sauce?
No idea. I guess people like how blunt and irreverent I am. The follow to following ratio is big because I just can’t follow too many people so I don’t. Actually I’m at least 50 over my self imposed number of people to follow…so I may dump some.

You say you hate cheese. If you had a choice between taking cheese or a rabid dog to a deserted island with you, which would you choose and why?
That’s a really tough question. You didn’t say I had to eat the cheese so I could just toss it in the ocean. Or maybe, since that stuff is nasty and never goes bad (or in reality is already mold), I can carve it into a person to talk to if I go nuts.

The dog on the other hand would be good company…although it’s rabid I could hang with it until it goes nuts. It would be tough watching it die, but if needed I could put it out of it’s misery.

So I’ll go with dog.

Your “Wednesday Wisdom” posts are brilliant. Of all your Wednesday Wisdom posts, which to you think is the most important for Miloh to follow?
That’s a tough one. I think a lot of the wisdom will just rub off on him just being around me.

So I’ll pick listen to Iron Maiden (http://www.smonkyou.com/2010/08/weekly-wednesday-wisdom.html). That one is really about being an amateur vs a pro. It’s not meant to be literal…it’s about the way you look at what you do, professionally and as hobbies. It’s about always learning and growing..

People who feel like they are experts are boring. People who are experts but are humble are the ones you want to be around.

What’s your drink of choice?
Salty dog. But I often order a greyhound because I don’t like having to describe it. It’s vodka and grapefruit with salt on the rim.

You can read all about Kenny’s adventures of Dad-hood on his blog smonkyou.com (which I highly, highly recommend), or follow his short, quirky thoughts on nearly everything, including cheese, yogurtgirl and good grammar, via his twitter feed— twitter.com/smonkyou.

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