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IDEO on design solutions for birth

So IDEO, one of the world leading design and branding firms, has been looking at “birth” design. They came up with this little pdf (accessed via their microsite) on how birth and our experience with it can be better: http://www.designs-on.com/

Have a read through some of the amazing ideas the IDEO team has for making pregnancy and birth a bit easier on all of us. Love the bracelet that let’s people know someone’s pregnant before she actually looks pregnant… could have used this a few times on the train, hey Megs? Oh and visit http://www.meninlabour.com for a quirky look at how us men might think about the whole labour process.

IDEO is also hosting an “open conversation” on Facebook about what people teach their kids that they don’t learn in school: http://www.facebook.com/ideobigconversations

Love the work IDEO is doing on this. Heck, would love to work with IDEO on some of this. Hey! IDEO! Feel free to get in touch! I’d be willing to move to the Bay area ; ).

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